Haldi is the ceremony where we all enjoy the moments. This is a very important function of every wedding in each religion on all sides of our nation. In today’s era of digitalization where we put all images on social media, It becomes useful to know how to look great on this ethinic function of our system.

The contrast combination is always work in every term, these are the styles which is in trend these days. But if you are contracting your Haldi outfit with your groom then make sure that you are going to the family tons or else go for the complete contrasting.

Gone are the days when we put all the concentration on yellow only now The colorful lehenga is in trend these days, this comes in the most colorful manners and styles which already in trend. This one is in a perfect Indian traditional color combination of yellow, green, and pink. If you want to style yourself in something new and unique form of styles then you can go for this kind of style. 

Source – Zohaib Ali Photography

The haldi ceremony is held by both the bride and groom’s side, generally a day before the actual wedding. The ritual takes place during the morning where the paste is applied to the bride and groom’s body including face, neck, hands and feet.

So you must wear the cloth keeping the same, day time, in mind if you don’t know the details about it no harm to take suggestion from your camera person or photography team.

The near and dear ones wait for their turn to anoint the bride or groom with haldi paste. Slowly and steadily, the ceremony turns playful where everyone starts applying it to each other. The ceremony is later followed by a ritual bath for the bride and the groom.
The floral is always look stunning in any kind of style, and pattern which is in Haldi outfit trends-2021. The floral prints are never gone to fail with their look. Floral is a style that is never going out of fashion. If you are going with this style then you are never going out of trend.

Other than the dress its the all ambient which make the overall ceremony impactful includes the idea, design, stage and decoration play the imaportant role in the images and event too.

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